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Ryle, Gilbert
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Categories I 13ff
Category Confusion/Ryle: counting elements in the same category as the set:
I 35 f
Reasonable Actions: not origin but design distinguished - conscious act: not two actions - Physical/Mental: two descriptions of the same
I 37/38
Habit of talking loudly is not loud itself
I 46
Feeling "in the head": I do not feel the rolling of the ship in the head, but in the legs
I 49
Ability: not reciting rules, but applying them - not event word but modal word - disposition, no second action beside the first
I 162f
Law - Error/Ryle: confusing hypothetical generalizations with categorical individual judgments - E.g. ticket entitles to a ride, it is not the ride itself - laws authority to inference, not the inference itself - (facts: stations)

Ry I
G. Ryle
Der Begriff des Geistes Stuttgart 1969

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