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Cartwright, Nancy
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Causal Explanation I 10
Causal Explanation/Cartwright: Here, truth is critical - (but explanatory power does not guarantee truth). - But it's only the truth of deeply settled causal principles and phenomenological laws.
I 82
Causal Explanation/Important Argument/Cartwright: in causal explanations we do not have to assume redundancy (possibility of alternative explanation or alternative causes) as with the mathematical (theoretical) explanation - theoretical explanation: can be justified by inference on the best explanation - causal explanations not - instead: they have an independent test for their truth: the controlled experiment.
I 89
Declaration/Fraassen: the truth of an explanation cannot be inferred from its success. - E.g. Ptolemaic astronomy - ultimately not on the existence of theoretical entities. - Duhem: truth is an external feature of explanations - I 91 different: in causal explanations, truth is inherent - a false cause makes the causal explanation false.

Car I
N. Cartwright
How the laws of physics lie Oxford New York 1983

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