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Strawson, Peter F.
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Causality IV 152 f
Causality/Strawson: because of different possible descriptions in reality dependent on generality - Hume was right with that - but it's also not a selection of individual descriptions
IV 157
Causality/StrawsonVsHume: he overlooks the very obvious fact that objects exert physical force - (Dennett: and that is observable) - I 162 pro Hume: you can observe many reactions without knowing what forces are at work - IV 163 VsHume: regularity is time neutral, it could also be reversed - (s) because (type-type, not type-token) - IV 165 VsHume: we learn the regularity, because we already have the concept of causality - IV 172 Strawson: the utmost we can recognize are probability laws - Causality/Language: more in transitive verbs than in the word "cause" - IV 175 Common Causes: easily possible: E.g. malaria - cause: denotes relation that occurs in different modes of being

Str I
P.F. Strawson
Einzelding und logisches Subjekt Stuttgart 1972

Str IV
P.F. Strawson
Analyse und Metaphysik M√ľnchen 1994

Str V
P.F. Strawson
Die Grenzen des Sinns Frankfurt 1981

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