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Description: A. Characterization of singular objects or events instead of giving a name. As opposed to names descriptions are not rigid, i.e. they may refer to different objects in different worlds. - B. Linguistic form for attributing predicates according to the perceptions of objects. See also rigidity, theory of descriptions.
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Davidson, Donald
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Descriptions Action is description-dependent (Mary-example) - events are description-independent.

II 101
Description/Event/Davidson: E.g. Mary shot at the burglar, but he dies much later - identity theory of the events: Problem: the same action - solution: these are descriptions of the same event tokens - Mary only has to pull the trigger, the rest does the nature.
Frank I 675
Description/Identity/Externalism/Davidson: Problem: For example, the sunburn, although as such only describable in relation to the sun, is identical with a condition of my skin that can be described without reference to external factors.

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