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Description: A. Characterization of singular objects or events instead of giving a name. As opposed to names descriptions are not rigid, i.e. they may refer to different objects in different worlds. - B. Linguistic form for attributing predicates according to the perceptions of objects. See also rigidity, theory of descriptions.
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Rorty, Richard
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Richard Rorty
Descriptions II 130ff
Description/Rorty: the described nature will always have some sort of order!.
Criterion: according to which criterion are new descriptions helpful? - Rorty: Those who ask such a question imagine that the language of the future should be a tool in the hands of the present-day language. These are ultimately power struggles. In the sense of Gadamer one would simply see that everyone’s order system requires storage compartments with enough space for the order systems of all others.
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VI 128f
World/insight/reality/existence/Rorty: E.g. once you’ve described a something as a dinosaur, it is causally independent of this description. But before you have described it as a dinosaur or anything else, it is pointless to claim that it is "out there" and has properties!
What’s out there? The thing itself? The World? Tell us more! Describe it! Once you did that, we are able to specify which properties of the object are causally independent of the description and which are not.
Independent of description/Rorty: E.g. oviparous.
Dependent on description/Rorty: E.g. "an animal whose existence was only suspected in recent centuries." This is not about the distinction. Intrinsic/extrinsic.
VI 128
Independent of description: causal relationships are not given under a description.
Independent of description/Davidson: in contrast to the explanation, causality is not bound to the any description.
Independent of description/RortyVsDavidson: not quite right: he should have said that the same causal relationship-with-a-description can be explained in many different ways.

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