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Description: A. Characterization of singular objects or events instead of giving a name. As opposed to names descriptions are not rigid, i.e. they may refer to different objects in different worlds. - B. Linguistic form for attributing predicates according to the perceptions of objects. See also rigidity, theory of descriptions.
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Wittgenstein, Ludwig
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Descriptions II 80
Description/sign/reality/reality/world/Wittgenstein: these are signs, which we describe - in addition we need no connection to reality - otherwise we would need something in turn that connects these connections with reality - regress. - ((s)> Derrida.
III 148ff
Human/Description/Tractatus/Wittgenstein/Flor: impossible: to describe the human as a thinking, willing subject - only a description of thoughts, feelings and humans.
IV 35
Description/Tractatus: (4023) describes the object according to its external properties -
Sentence: (4023) describes reality by its internal properties - (> interior/exterior).

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