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Maturana, H.
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Cognition I 67
Def Cognitive Area/Maturana: entire interaction area of the body - can be extended indefinitely when new forms of interaction are created, it is enlarged with instruments - I 78 Described things lie exclusively in the cognitive area - i.e. it is not part of the area that is to describe - (level)
I 81
Cognition/Maturana: generation of a closed interaction area, not comprehension of an independent outside world - Conclusion: necessary function results from the self-referential circular organization - history-independent, because time itself is only part of the cognitive area of the ((s) second) observer
I 146
Cognitiion/Maturana: Isolation of an area and call for appropriate behavior - only criterion: this appropriate behavior - it must be explained when cognition must be explained
I 200
Cognition/Maturana: condition of realization (of the structural coupling) - not unveiling a reality, representation or description of "something"
I 202
Cognitive Area/Maturana: with humans: language - humans exist in the range of objects that produce themselves through language actions - objects: do not exist outside language

Mat I
U. Maturana
Biologie der Realit├Ąt Frankfurt 2000

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