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Rorty, Richard
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Richard Rorty
Cognition VI 46/47
cognitive condition/Wright/RortyVsWright: for him, a speaker should function like a well-oiled machine - this is traditional epistemology according to which prejudice and superstition are just sand in the work.s - According to Wright we would have to recognize the right functions a priori - through knowledge of the content - PragmatismVscognitivity: nothing more than contingent consensus -" for them, content is not important.
VI 51
Cognitition/cognitivity/cognitive/fact/Wright/Rorty: Wright’s cognitive commandment: Advantage: We do not need reified facts -" instead: Reference on range of possible causes - ((s) cognition makes facts superfluous.) - Vs: Problem: that presupposes a concept of the mode of operation of a representation machine.
VI 429f
Cognitition/language/Rorty: cognition is not possible without language. - Therefore there is a gap between sensation and cognition. - Certainly there is a causal continuity between experience and thought - but it also exists between nutrition and thinking.

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