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Dummett, Michael
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Counterfactual Conditionals EMD II 90
Counterfactual Conditionals/ allow the construction of undecidable sentences -> intuitionism - a counterfactual conditional can only be "simply" true if there is a logical necessity that either the Counterfactual Conditional or its opposite are true.
Opposite of counterfactual conditionals: the same antecedent - contradictory consequent - but no one would assume that it is necessary that either the counterfactual conditional or its opposite is true. - E.g. "x learns languages easily​​" - x has never learned a foreign language.
Three options:
i) no determined answer.
ii) objective structure of the brain, objective response.
iii) no physiological feature, however neither true nor false.
II 92
Allocation/Ability/Dummett: you cannot reduce the categorical sentence "he is good at …" to counterfactual conditionals.

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