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Putnam, Hilary
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Counterfactual Conditionals III 93
Counterfactual Conditionals/Putnam: what possible situations are relevant?
I 187ff
Counterfactual Conditionals/PutnamVsLewis: but there are situations in which it is simply not true that B would not have happened if A had not happened.
II 201
E.g. B could have been caused by another cause - E.g. identical twins: it is true that both always have the same hair color - but the hair of one is not the cause of the hair of the other - Lewis cannot separate that - Counterfactual Conditionals/Mackie: depends on the knowledge level - statement which conclusions from it are allowed - Knowledge: only "the match was lit" nothing more - Counterfactual Conditionals/Sellars: has assertibility conditions, no truth conditions.
Counterfactual Conditionals/Lewis: (follows Stalnaker): truth conditions for counterfactual conditionals with possible worlds and similarity metrics. - Putnam: an ontology with possible worlds is not materialistic. - PutnamVs: the similarity metrics must not be intrinsic (with mind-independent decision on relevance), otherwise the world would be like a mind itself. PutnamVsLewis: this is idealism, and that might not only be gradually true. - False: to say "It's all physical, except this similarity metrics".

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