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Dummett, Michael
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Competence EMD II 100
Abilities/superhuman/Dummett: our image of a super being that has direct insight into counterfactual things does not provide a picture of what these abilities actually consist of.
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Dum I 154/155
Meaning/competence/Dummett: meaning does not have to be explained by understanding! (Speakers have no explicit theory). - But also: DummettVsWittgenstein: control is more than a practical skill.
III 68
Speech/control/propositional knowledge/Dummett: usually little difference between knowledge of P and knowledge of the truth of the sentence. - But propositional knowledge is not sufficient for language proficiency - propositiponal knowledge not sufficient for word understanding - knowledge of a single proposition not sufficient for understanding of words - ((s) The word must be able to appear in several contexts.) - ((s) converse to substitution principle).
III 119
Translation theory/Dummett: does not explain the command of the native language.
III 117f
Theory of meaning/Dummett: from a theory of truth (axioms like ""earth" denotates earth") - but meaning is more than knowledge of the axioms: Knowledge of the (corresponding) propositions - from knowledge of the truth theory follows the ability of language as a whole, not sentence by sentence -> Holism - Knowledge of the propositions not in list.
III 133
Meaning Theory: Knowledge of reference is not sufficient for language proficiency.

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