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Fraassen, Bas
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Context/Context Dependence I 90
Context-dependent/contextuality/Fraassen: a) meaning of theories is "explained". - b) language of use of theories - Definition external sentences/Quine: context-independent formulation of theories.
I 115
Context dependence/context-dependent/Fraassen: any theory of causation must explain what is discarded as unimportant. And this happens context-dependently. - This, in turn, is objective. So much context dependency must always be there. - Counterfactual Conditional: Problem: there is too much context-dependence.
Cause/Fraassen: is context-dependent - dependent on description. - Many authors provide very different definitions - Lewis: cause is the factor that we control the least. - Nagel: cause is the factor that we control the most. - (explanation-like) Relevance/Fraassen: is context-dependent.
I 130
Contextuality/Fraassen: means that a factor is neither determined by the totality of accepted theories, nor by the event or the fact to be explained.

Fr I
B. van Fraassen
The Scientific Image Oxford 1980

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