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Wittgenstein, Ludwig
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Context/Context Dependence Nozick II 220
Mental terms/context/Wittgenstein/philosophical examinations/Nozick: the application of mental concepts depends on what else is true, for example, in the case of understanding or reading - behavior does not imply (entails) the presence of a particular mental state. There could be another (wider) context which shows that the person was not in the nearby state. - Similarly the feeling of understanding produces no understanding, if it is not embedded into a wider context.
W 125
Context principle: Only the sentence has sense, only in the context of the sentence a name has a meaning.
II 400
Meaning/Wittgenstein: if one has given the term "an x in the infinite development" in a context a meaning, so one has not necessarily given it a meaning in all contexts.

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