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Kripke, Saul Aaron
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Mind Body Problem I 164
Identities: E.g. Pain is the excitation of C fibers (types of mental states, types of physical states). Nagel/Davidson: Alleged impossibility of correlation of psychological and physical properties.
I 165
Descartes: Mind is different from the body, because the mind could exist without the body.
I 166
KripkeVsDescartes: He might as well have derived these conclusions from the premise that the body could have existed without the mind.
A theory which states that a person is nothing beside or above their body, just like a statue is nothing beside or above the matter, would have to defend the necessary thesis that a person exists iff their body exists and also has a certain physical organization.

S.A. Kripke
Name und Notwendigkeit Frankfurt 1981

S. A. Kripke
Outline of a Theory of Truth (1975)
Recent Essays on Truth and the Liar Paradox, R. L. Martin (Hg), Oxford/NY 1984

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