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Maturana, H.
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Learning I 63
Learning/Maturana: historical transformation of an organism through experience - serves the basal circularity - new behavior evolves - for an observer, behavior by incorporating a representation seems justified that modifies behavior by memory - but the system operates in the present - advantageousness can only be determined a posteriori.
I 70
Allowes purely consensual (cultural) evolution without evolution of the nervous system.
I 73
Learning/Maturana: behavioral change must be accompanied by other changes.
I 74
Not accumulation of representations but continuous transformation of behavior.
I 119
Learning/instinctive behavior/Maturana. initially indistinguishable, because they are determined in the concrete realization by the structures of the nervous system - Learning: acquired ontogenetically - instinct: acquired evolutionary.
I 119
Learning/Maturana: does not change the structure - acquisition of representations: only metaphorically - (would presuppose instructive system) - a learning system has no trivial experiences (interactions), because all interactions lead to structural changes.
I 280
Learning/Maturana: described in brackets: pure epigenetic process (development of the individual) - no directed process of adaptation to a reality.

Mat I
U. Maturana
Biologie der Realit├Ąt Frankfurt 2000

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