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Mates, Benson
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Logic I 258
Definition logic/Mates: theory of conlcusion relation. Task: to find general laws about what follows from what - correct thinking is not a contribution to logic.
I 260
Logic/Aristotle/Mates: no yet a distinction mention/use - it is the same: if a thing is contained in another, and when each is stated of the other.
I 261
First clear use of variables in history - for these names are used - variables/Stoics: "the first", "the second", etc. (unlike Aristotle).
I 262 "Zukommen"/Aristotle
Goes in both directions - which shows that there is no distinction between concept and object.
I 265
Terms for "Zukommen" are nouns, sensual beings, human, for "Nicht Zukommen" substance, sensual being, number.
I 281
Logic/Hobbes/Mates: influential (misleading) Argument: necessary truths would just come about through the random way how people like to use their words.

Mate I
B. Mates
Elementare Logik Göttingen 1969

Mate II
B. Mates
0226509869 1981

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