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Grice, H.P.
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Logical Constants I 397
logical constants/particles/logic/everyday language/Cohen: E.g. inference from "q" to "p>q" has no equivalent in natural language.
I 4012
"And" asserts more than the truth of two subsentences - order important - E.g. Republic is proclaimed and the king died or vice versa - second truth should be part of the same kind.
I 407
logical constants/Meaning/If then/KH/Grice: the assertion of a conditional clause is truth-functional regarding the linguistic meaning, but is associated with a (redeemable) implication that there are indirect, i.e. non-truth-functional reasons for the truth - E.g. assumptions which cards the other player has - can be the truth function in Bridge (strict rules).
I 410
If/truth-functional/Cohen: E.g. If he was surprised, he didn't t show it - if that is truth-functional, it would be acceptable, because the consequent is true, but you do not have to accept the conversion yet: if he was not surprised, he also showed no surprise - although the trailer would be true here too - reason: Here, "if" has the meaning of "even if" and not of "if-then"

Gri I
H. Paul Grice
Handlung, Kommunikation, Bedeutung, Hg. Georg Meggle Frankfurt/M. 1993

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