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Grice, H.P.
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Meaning (Intending) I 2
Meaning/Denoting: A) From meaning follows a fact (but not a name)
E.g. " These spots mean measles"
Denote/mean: other cases: B) A fact does not follow from signifying:
E.g. ringing thrice means: the bus is full. But today it is not full.
I 2
here you cannot say that it wasn’t measles, although the significance was such - B) From meaning does not follow a fact:
I 3
E.g. Thrice ringing means that the bus is full . But today it is not full.
I 90 ~
Meaning/Convention/Saying/Grice: it shall be necessary and sufficient for the truth that "S meant" that p, even though it said for S that #p is not sufficient.

Gri I
H. Paul Grice
Handlung, Kommunikation, Bedeutung, Hg. Georg Meggle Frankfurt/M. 1993

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