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Simons, Peter
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Set Theory I 12
Set theory: seperate quantities have one element in common: the empty set - mereology: here, it does not exist. - Partial order: here is the common part the lower barrier - product: greatest lower barrier: - the individual, that x and y have in common - (= average of the set theory, lens in Venndiagram). - stronger: binary sum: is the individual who overlaps iff it at least overlaps one of x or y (Venndiagram: both circles with lens) - E.g. Broom sum of handle and head - any two individuals always have a sum.
I 279
Set Theory/Modality/necessity/Simons: rigidity of the element relationship: a class can have in no possible world other elements, as it has in the actual world. - This is analog to the mereological essentialism for subsets.
I 332
Set Theory/mereology/elements/(s): elements are not interchangeable - parts are.

Si I
P. Simons
Parts Oxford New York 1987

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