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Fodor: Signal language of the brain for internal processing - PutnamVs. Mentalese explains nothing, shifts the problem. SearleVs. Regress of homunculi. - Rorty's solution is a hierarchy of dumber homunculi.
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Fodor, Jerry
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Mentalese Rorty I 269 ff
Rorty: Fodor s image of the internal representations has nothing to do with our mirror of nature that we have accepted. What is crucial is that with regard to Fodor s "Language of thought" the skeptical question of "how exactly do the internal representations represent the reality" cannot be asked! There is no gap.
Newen/Schrenk I 132
Mentalese/language of thought/thought language/Fodor/Newen/Schrenk: Thesis: thinking takes place with mental representations. - E.g. fuel gauge, causal connection. - Mentalese: as rich as natural language, but purely internal, symbolic, purely syntactic symbol manipulation - only in connection with propositional attitude - VsFodor: a) regress.
I 133
b) the supporters of the thesis of the prevalence of thought cannot explain the normativity of thinking with the help of social institutions such as the language - c) there are also beliefs without representation: E.g. chess computers: -brute force- then: -I should the queen out of the game early.

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