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Goodman, Nelson
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Metaphors III 73
Metaphor/Goodman: "high note" is not a frozen metaphor - The ownership of properties is something factual. - No abridged comparison: everything is somehow similar to everything - one side of the comparison is unmetaphorical.
III 81
Max Black: In some cases, it is more illuminating to say that the metaphor produces the resemblance, than to say that it expresses a previously existing similarity.
III 82
The question why predicates apply metaphorically so and so and not in a different way, is almost equivalent to the question of why they are literally true. Actually this is not a real question. Why things are as they are, you can let this for the cosmologists.
III 82
The truth standards are pretty much the same, whether the scheme is transmitted or not.
IV 145
Metaphorical use: "Wilbur is a workhorse" prohibits the derivation: quadruped.
IV 146
It cannot be maintained that the metaphorical meaning is together with the literal meaning in the lexicon.
Because there is a potentially infinite number of applications of an expression.
A metaphor is not a "deviating" use. This view is understandable, even if it is wrong.

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