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Barrow, J.D.
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Metaphysics I 57
Metaphysics / Science / Barrow: metaphysical conditions under which we as effectively as possible can proceed from the simple experience of the world to knowledge: 1. There is an outer world 2. The world is ultimately rational (not A and non-A non-simultaneously) - 3. The world can be locally explored , without losing its essential structure - 4. The elementary variables have no free will - 5. The separation of events and their perception is a harmless simplification - 6. In nature, there are regularities, and these are predictable in some ways - 7. There are space and time - 8. The world can be described mathematically - 9. These assumptions apply equally anywhere, anytime - I 58 holism / Barrow: if it were true, 3. would not apply.

John D. Barrow
Warum die Welt mathematisch ist Frankfurt/M. 1996

John D. Barrow
Die Natur der Natur: Die philosophischen Ansätze der modernen Kosmologie Heidelberg 1993

John D. Barrow
Die Entdeckung des Unmöglichen. Forschung an den Grenzen des Wissens Heidelberg 2001

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