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Black, Max
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Metalanguage Horwich I 144
Metalanguage/Object Language/Tarski/Black: the distinction has to be heeded very thoroughly. Example (c) The statement in italics is wrong - then: (1) c is identical with the statement "c is false" - on the other hand you cannot deny: (2) "c is false" is true iff c is false - from (1) and (2) follows: - (3) c is true iff c is false - this is a contradiction - Solution/Black: the contradiction arises, because the term "statement" is ambiguous - (primary/secondary) - then "the primary statement in italics is false" - (that is secondary) - with that, no primary statement itself is in italics.
Horwich I 145
T Def/Tarski/Black: Method: "true" is regarded as predicate of the object language - Important argument: the statement "S is true" then also belongs to the metalanguage.
Horwich I 151
Metalanguage/Names/Black: Important argument: the metalanguage contains no rule for converting the names from the object language! It must be seen as a kind of logical coincidence that E.g. names were always enclosed in commas. No structural relationship could be found between a word in the object language and its name in the metalanguage.

Bla I
Max Black
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Bla II
M. Black
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M. Black
The Prevalence of Humbug Ithaca/London 1983

Hor I
P. Horwich (Ed.)
Theories of Truth Aldershot 1994

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