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Kripke, Saul Aaron
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Metalanguage EMD II 342
Metalanguage/ML/Interpretation/Truth Theory/KripkeVsWallace/VsBelnap: Metalanguage should not be purely formally construed as uninterpreted - (object language should).
EMD II 347
Truth theory/Davidson//Kripke: meta language may contain semantic vocabulary as well - Translation is also guaranteed if both sides contain semantic vocabulary - Kripke: Very different in Tarski: truth and all semantic terms are explicitly defined in non-semantic vocabulary.
Modality/Metalanguage/Kripke: Modal operators disappear in the metalanguage - right side of a meaning theory/truth theory: no demonstratives, personal pronouns and no grammatical tenses - KripkeVsWallace: That does not make modal operators "misleading superficial properties".
EMD II 383
Metalanguage/Kripke: If meta language = object language + truth predicate, sentences that contain no truth predicate must be treated the same in both languages ​​ - but metalanguage should have more anyway: Variables about expressions of the object language.

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