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Luhmann, Niklas
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Method AU Cas 11
Observation/system/separation/method/Luhmann: an observer can observe operations and define it as a unit, which run psychologically and socially at the same time. - However, it is methodologically strange: he can identify how it appears to him naturally. - It would simply be unnatural to separate the systems - which seems to be a contradiction to the entire system theory.
Solution/Luhmann: clarify what is actually an observer. - Solution: someone who chooses theories. - Punch line: with that the observer occurs in his own theory again. - This is a cycle or somersault - ((s)> circle, circular). - Question: Is it the everyday world or the science which determines the theory choice? - Durkheim: Social Emergence: you can explain social facts only by social facts.

N. Luhmann
Einf├╝hrung in die Systemtheorie Heidelberg 1992

Lu I
N. Luhmann
Die Kunst der Gesellschaft Frankfurt 1997

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