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Wessel, Horst
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Modalities I 343
Modality/Wessel: Def alethic m.: in the narrow sense modal: necessary, possible, contingent, real - alethic m.: can be logically or factually (ontological, empirical, physical, causal, etc.) - modal statements often are often translatable into non-modal form: E.g. "divisible "
Modality/Wessel: in the broader sense: "provable", "undecidable", "verifiable" and so on-- Axiological modalities: "always", "sometimes", "never", "once", "same" - Wessel: these are no modalities at all.
I 347
Modality/Wessel: predicative - if fA "the facts that A" then Q (fA) "the possible fact, that" - when modality refers to situations sA - truth value: refers to statements tA.

We I
H. Wessel
Logik Berlin 1999

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