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Ayer, A.J.
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Morals II 184ff
Ethics/Ayer: morality is a feeling, no knowledge -. E.g. "good" - it doesn’t matter what central ethical expression is used for A, the phrase "X is not A, if and only then if x is B", will never lead to a contradiction - but it would have to, if the first sentence should be analytical - e.g. the definition: "X is good" = "x is generally approved" must fail: there is no contradiction in saying that there are actions which are not good, although they are generally accepted.
I Ayer Wahrheit, aus "Wahrheitstheorien" Hrsg. Skirbekk Frankfurt/M 1996
II Hügli ()Hrsg.) Philosophie im 20. Jahrhundert, Reinbek 1993

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