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Hume, D.
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Morals I 27
Moral/Hume: there are no conclusions here.
1. Moral affections (part of the circumstances)
2. exceeding (knowledge) - In nature, there is no whole - in contrast to moral.
I 154 f
Moral/Hume: does not come from reason. Principles of association cannot choose - therefore there is no moral from principles - but moral is similar to action - this is beyond the relations - searching for pleasure is no content, but the work of principles.
Stegmüller IV 238
Virtue/Hume: distinction: natural virtue belongs to biological equipment. The moral philosophers have referred to it exclusively before Hume - E.g. generosity, forbearance, benevolence, charity, moderation, impartiality. (Basis: human sympathy) - artificial virtue: nothing more than human inventions - e.g. respect of property, rules for ownership transfer, pledges, commitment, to satisfy contracts, loyalty to the government - not from benevolence, because then it would depend on whether it is for the welfare of all - not from sympathy, because that is gradually, respect however must not be gradual.
Stegm IV 290
Moral/ethics/Hume/Stegmüller: we can ascribe to him that he would have rejected a justification of moral. But he would have insisted on an investigation of our terms of norms and institutions. - Then, it is not task of the philosopher to call for compliance.
D. Hume
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