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Kant, I.
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Morals Stegmüller IV 299
Morality/ethics/Kant must necessarily apply -> categorical imperative - as a hypothetical imperatives ("if you want that, do ...") they would be superfluous.
IV 429
Moral/Kant/Stegmüller: is autonomous: the morally right thing is right in itself and mandatory - it can be detected by practical reason. - Every rational being is competent enough to give the moral commandments themself. - If there was divine reward, morality would be corrupted by self-interest. -> Rawls: the veil of ignorance. -
IV 430
God/practical reason/Kant: nevertheless, the moral asks us that we set ourselves the highest good for goal - therefore a cause different from nature must be demanded from nature. - The highest good is only possible in the world, if the highest cause of nature is assumed.
IV 431
In addition, the immortality is necessary so that an infinite progress for the first element of the highest good is possible.
MackieVsKant: this is a false transition from "should" to "should be possible."
IV 433
MackieVsKant: The consistent recognition of the autonomy of moral should have brought him to a more stoic conception: that moral does not need any other bliss as the consciousness of righteousness itself - (possibly> Hume, Marc Aurel, Adam Smith)..
Strawson V 134
Moral/Kant: we need that to ensure that the limitations of knowledge do not strengthen the materialism and atheism.
Vaihinger 306
Moral/Kant/Vaihinger: the theoretical reason forbids to accept a moral world order - the practical reason dictates that it is necessary to do good.
I. Kant
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