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Lewis, David
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Proper Names II 217
Meaning/name/Lewis: may be a function of worlds on possible individuals - by generic names: function from worlds on quantities.
IV 216
Pseudo name/Lewis: Category S/(S/N) is introduced in addition to any name in the lexicon. - Makes a sentence of a name and a sentence - the category S/SN can now be renamed in nominal phrase (NP) - names: are then superfluous as subjects, but not as objects. - Then replace name: transitive verbs (S/N)/N are replaced by - pseudotransitive verbs: (S/N/(S/(S/N)).
Schw I 223
Names/description/reference/Kripke/Putnam: there is no generally known description for names and species expression that defines to what the expression refers. Descriptions are irrelevant for reference. - LewisVs magical theory of reference: Reference is not a primitive irreducible relationship - non-semantic information is enough to construct a descriptions of which we know a priori that the name picks it out - (Lewis: pro description theory).
Schw I 224 ~
Names/LewisVsKripke: are no rigid designators - ((s) perhaps one counterpart for each description? - E.g. discoverer of incompleteness theorem, son of mother, etc.).

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LwCl I
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