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Kant, I.
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Nature Rorty (where?):
Nature / Kant / McDowell: with him nature is the same as the realm of natural laws. He does not know the concept of second nature, although he very well knows the concept of education. But not as a background.
Second Nature / McDowell: thesis: there are rules of nature, regardless of whether one is susceptible to it or not. That is the consequence of correct education. "Naturalism of the second nature", "naturalized Platonism".
Vollmer II 48
Def Nature / Kant: "The existence of things, as long as it is determined according to universal laws."
Nature / VollmerVsKant: that is unnecessarily narrow and begging: because the generality of the categories thus becomes an analytical consequence of this definition - (circular).
I. Kant
I Günter Schulte Kant Einführung (Campus) Frankfurt 1994
Externe Quellen. ZEIT-Artikel 11/02 (Ludger Heidbrink über Rawls)
Volker Gerhard "Die Frucht der Freiheit" Plädoyer für die Stammzellforschung ZEIT 27.11.03
Vo I
G. Vollmer
Die Natur der Erkenntnis Bd I Stuttgart 1988

G. Vollmer
Die Natur der Erkenntnis Bd II Stuttgart 1988

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