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Hume, D.
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Naturalistic Fallacy Stegmüller IV 186
Being/Should/fallacy/Hume: Thesis: it is impossible to derive a should-sentence solely from is-sentences. - ((s)> Moore: naturalistic fallacy) - Stegmüller: when non-moral use there is no problem because of the hypothetical imperative: E.g. In chess, there is no problem of the transition from "is" to should. Reason: there is no expression of any new relationship! Implicit: what you want, you should.
Solution/SearleVsHume: Attach premises with obligations.
Solution/Searle: institutional fact.
MackieVsSearle: confusion of inside/outside. - We cannot step outside of internalized rules.
D. Hume
I Gilles Delueze David Hume, Frankfurt 1997 (Frankreich 1953,1988)
II Norbert Hoerster Hume: Existenz und Eigenschaften Gottes aus Speck(Hg) Grundprobleme der großen Philosophen der Neuzeit I Göttingen, 1997

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