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Pinker, Stephen
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Natural Laws I 344
Mirror/natural laws/Pinker: for all objects and processes in the universe is true that one cannot know if one sees the thing itself, or its mirror image - exception: decay of cobalt 60: emits preferably particles at the South Pole - Chirality/Pinker: random, not predetermined by nature - the mind treats both cases as if they were the same.
I 346
Language: the words "next to" say nothing about the right and left - but there is nothing appropriate for up and down or in front and behind.
I 347
We are quite insensitive to right/left, a tiger may come next time from the other side - Definition "right"/encyclopedia/Pinker: "eastern direction, if you look north".
I 352
Mental turning: the mirror image must be fold in the fourth dimension.
I 382
Natural Law/Law/Pinker: the laws of physics determine that objects with a greater density than water are not on the surface - selection along with physics specifies that objects that move quickly, are streamlined - genetics causes that the offspring resembles the parents - the human intentions provide chairs with forms and materials that turn them into stable seating.

Pi I
St. Pinker
Wie das Denken im Kopf entsteht M√ľnchen 1998

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