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Barrow, J.D.
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Natural Constants I 441
Natural constants / Barrow: physical constants contain numbers (such as p) and dimensionless constants (e.g. the ratio of the masses of the electron and the proton)
I 492
Natural constants / Barrow: if a constant of nature is not a pure number, but a unit of measurement, e.g. one centimeter, or a meter, the idea does not make sense,that they might change from place to place or in time - (e.g. the speed of light) - by a change in the system of measurement it might indeed look as if it would be so - however a quantity that can be described as a pure number is independent of the units used to calculate its components. If its value changes, it will have a real and observable significance.

John D. Barrow
Warum die Welt mathematisch ist Frankfurt/M. 1996

John D. Barrow
Die Natur der Natur: Die philosophischen Ansätze der modernen Kosmologie Heidelberg 1993

John D. Barrow
Die Entdeckung des Unmöglichen. Forschung an den Grenzen des Wissens Heidelberg 2001

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