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Frege, Gottlob
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Non-Existence I 47
Nonexistence/Unicorn-Example/Truth-value gap/Frege: E.g. Unicorn: sentence without truth value - predicates can not be switched on or denied - the thought is the same whether the name refers ("meaning", reference) or not.
V 102
Name/Non-existence/Frege/Husted: that the name has a reference is not a condition that it belongs to the language - but vice versa.
I 107
Nonexistence/Meaning/Meaning/FregeVsMeinong/FregeVsRussell: there are quite a lot contradictory terms - only no contradictory objects - the logic may determine only the limitation of terms - that is, for each object, whether it falls within the definition, or not - a contradictory term is used to prove that there is no corresponding object.
IV 110
Nonexistence/Frege: proper names: a name that refers to nothing, is logically meaningless - but not a concept under which nothing falls - for a name to be entitled it is necessary that the appropriate term is sharp.
VI 111
Therefore the term should precede the scope.

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