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Simons, Peter
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Necessity I 269
Necessity of origin/organism/Kripke: (1972, 312ff, 1980, 110ff): thesis an organism could not have descended from another cell of origin as it actually did it - Simons pro - but the zygote is still no permanent essential part because it dies early - Phase sortal/McGinn: E.g. "child" - "adult" - accordingly also zygote.
I 270
Solution/Simons: it is essential for the organism, that it follows from sexual reproduction and that it has its zygote as an initial spurious part - unclear whether brain essential part (> brain transplant).
I 295
Necessary existence/Simons: is only possible with abstract objects: E.g. universals, numbers, etc. - Problem: if something exists necessarily, everything else depends on it.

Si I
P. Simons
Parts Oxford New York 1987

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