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Wright, Crispin
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Objectivity I 139
Subjective/objective/Wright: why do we not simply express all our "opinions about the strange with "I find .."? Answer: it is useful to have the objectified form of community, because often we can quite rightly accept a community response to the strange. ((s) otherwise the strange would not exist in the form in which we know it).
I 139/40
There are terms that are too simple to argue about (> Wittgenstein, arithmetic): E.g. the content of arithmetic assertions like "57 + 65 = 122" does not say anything about consensus and has therefore no logical consequences. - But there would also be no standard of correctness to satisfy if not on every basal level could be a consensus presupposed.
I 216
Representation/Wright: in contrast to that, the representative character of judgments e.g. on the forms of a children's puzzles has to do with: how very different we may be biologically constituted, or which natural laws would be effective, the variety of judgments must be seen as a symptom for cognitive dysfunction.

Wri I
Cr. Wright
Wahrheit und Objektivität Frankfurt 2001

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