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Mates, Benson
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Object Language I 57
Object language/O.l./Metalanguage /M.s./Mates: E.g. expressions like E.g. (j v y) are forms of descriptions in the meta language - by replacing their variables by names for expressions of the o.l., we get descriptions of expressions of the o.l. - e.g. if we replace "j" by "" F1a "" and "y" by ""G1b"", we get a meta-linguistic expression of the form: the result obtained when you write "(" then "F1a", then "v", then "G1b" and then ")" - and this characterizes the expression (F1a v G1b) of the objectlanguage.
I 279
M.l./O.l./Mates: schemas: belong to the object language.

Mate I
B. Mates
Elementare Logik Göttingen 1969

Mate II
B. Mates
0226509869 1981

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