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Lewis, David
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Ontology IV 40
Ontology/Lewis: for me it consists in iterative quantity theory with individuals - the only unorthodox strait is my view of what individuals there are - part-whole relation: for me, it relates to individuals, not quantities - quantities/possible worlds: therefore there is no quantity in a world in the sense of being part - quantities: E.g. numbers, properties, propositions, events - even a sequence of possible individuals (all from the same world) is strictly speaking not itself (as a quantity) in this world - figures: quantities - they are not more localized in the logical space than in spacetime. They even exist from the perspective of all worlds - Properties: quantities (of individuals) - propositions: quantities - Event: quantities.
Schw I 232
Ontology/Lewis/(s): all attributed to the distribution of properties instead of objects: a priori reductionism of everything.
Schw I 233
Ontology/explanation/theory/Lewis/Schwarz/(s): Analysis/LewisVsArmstrong: looks for definitions ArmstrongVsLewis: for true-makers - "Schwarz: this is the difference between analysis and necessary implication.

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LwCl I
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