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Simons, Peter
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Ontological Dependence Chisholm II 172
Ontological Dependence / Simons: if a part can not exist without the other (weak foundation): everything is necessarily strongly founded in itself and eachnecessarily existing entity - each necessary nonexistent is str. f. in everything - instead: foundation: in addition: a not equal b and b is not necessarily exisiting - II 173 strong foundation: if a is a moment of b: a and b may not be identical, b not necessary , e.g. border - Moment: e.g. events are moments of the objects they involve: e.g. handshake of persons (not without them, but not vice versa) - II 174 complexes are not moments of their atoms (which are their necessary parts) - complexes themselves are moments of nothing (because of their strong independence).

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P. Simons
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R. Chisholm
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Roderick M. Chisholm
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