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Dennett, Daniel
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Order I 94
Design/Dennett: there is no quantitative measure of Design. It is not undisputed that a car contains more design than a bicycle, a shark more than an amoeba, etc.
I 95.
E.g. plagiarism contains no less design than the original (> forgery).
I 172
Design/Dennett: since each newly emerging crafted thing contains a huge design effort somewhere in its origination, the most economical hypothesis will always assume that the design is essentially a copy of an earlier design.
Design/Dennett: can it be measured? Can we calculate the speed with which the genetic drift accumulates deviations? There is a cap to the speed, the actual evolution is much slower.
I 316f
The "products" are not the gene strings, but the creatures themselves. DennettVsDawkins.
Complexity/design/Dennett: what is the relationship between the two? It's about the right combination of simplicity and complexity. It is about "opportunities for simplicity".
E.g. a simple Seagull outboard motor is famous for the fact that it never breaks down. Of the paddle we rightly don t think so highly.
Design/Dennett: if you know something about the design of a device, you can predict its behavior without having to worry about the basic physical properties of its parts. E.g. operate a VCR. E.g. construction of a VCR: only here one must observe the basic laws of physics.
I 85f
Design/Dennett: Needs a creator - Order: needs no creator - Darwin: reduced design to order - there is no quantitative measure of design - not undisputed whether a bicycle has more design than a shark.
I 95
Plagiarism: no less designed than the original.
I 94
Design: great investment - hence theory: most design are a copy of previous design.

Den I
D. Dennett
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D. Dennett
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