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Poundstone, W.
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Paradoxes I 47
Ravenparadox/Poundstone: "This herring is red" supports both contra positions: a) "All non-black things are non-ravens" and "all non-white things are non-ravens" (contra position of "All ravens are white") - it follows:. black is white - that is the paradox.
I 66
Does not need to be a paradox if the number of objects is finite.
I 175
Knowledge paradox/prisoners paradox/Poundstone: (unexpected execution) only works if the other thinks about the situation and draws wrong conclusions.
I 192
Knowledge paradox/prisoners paradox/Quine/Poundstone: (unexpected execution) the "knowledge" here is an illusion - the first conclusion, after which the prisoners cannot be executed on the last day is not valid - the illogical is better off: he can suspect the right - the assumption of a specific day causes that the execution can take place on any day - N.B./Poundstone: error: the assumption when the impossible is excluded, there should remain something possible - if the prisoner assumes the impossibility, he can be executed on any day.
I 221
Thomson's lamp/Poundstone: light turns on for 1/2 minutes, then off for 1/4 minutes, then on for 1/8 ... Total: 1 - question: is it on or off after 1 min? (Sum of infinite elements) - wrong question - analog: if the greatest number is odd/even.
I 228
Ultimately physical limit: frequency, energy, switchers.
I 224
Zenon/Achilles/Poundstone: Solution: overtaking after 111,111 ... cm - the "infinity" lies in Zenon's analysis, not in physics - Arrow paradox: even in the relativity theory the moment remains blurry - also here we believe in cause and effect: the present determines the future - how does the arrow know, where it must go? - No physical problem, row term no solution.
I 236
Olbers Paradox: four times the area balances four times weaker radiation - it would heat up on earth to the average temperature of stars - solution: redshift.
I 243
Tristram Shandy paradox/Russell/Poundstone: if he lived infinitly long, there would remain no day undescribed because there could be no day mentioned, for which it would be impossible - one-to-one allocation is possible - but never completed - but not at reversal infinite past: you cannot make an unambiguous assignment of certain days to certain years - in the last year he cannot have written about one day of this year - infinitly long incomplete manuscript.
I 400
Paradox/antinomy/Poundstone: general form: the illusion that all truth is also recognizable - unexpected execution: the victim is wrong because it thinks it can achieve something through logical reasoning, which is impossible to achieve in that way - Newcomb's paradox: the one who makes the prediction, cannot know his own thoughts.
W. Poundstone
I W. Poundstone Im Labyrinth des Denkens, Reinbek 1995

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