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Vollmer, Gerhard
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Paradoxes I 223
Self-reference / Paradox / Vollmer: there are many self-references that do not lead to the antinomies or contradictions: - e.g. I tell the truth - e.g. the catalog that lists all catalogs that list themselves. - e.g. the set of all sets that contain themselves as an element. - In contrast, problem: e.g. no rule without exception - e.g. there is no (not even hypothetical) knowledge - e.g. all general propositions are false - e.g. a claim that is only likely is probably wrong. - Solution: these statements are meaningless or wrong - they do not refute epistemology.

Vo I
G. Vollmer
Die Natur der Erkenntnis Bd I Stuttgart 1988

G. Vollmer
Die Natur der Erkenntnis Bd II Stuttgart 1988

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