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Loar, Brian
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Paratactic Analysis EMD II ~ 147
Paratactic analysis/Davidson: 1. avoids problems of the logical form of sentences with propositional attitudes - (purely significant position/not purely) - 2. prop. att. no longer refer to intensional entities - "The earth moves" is simply both times a meaningful expression - no reference to meaning - LoarVsDavidson: but this can be true only if there is something substantial behind it - KripkeVsVs: E.g. measuring: relates an object onto another, the standard meter - but if there were no standard meter, the object would still have a length - LoarVs: but that does not go for the meaning theory - thesis: therefore it is necessary to introduce intensional entities for a meaning theory.

Loar I
B. Loar
Mind and Meaning Cambridge 1981

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