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Schiffer, Stephen
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Paratactic Analysis I 122ff
Paratactic Analysis/Davidson/Schiffer: cannot be extended to doctrines - The relation exists through the meaning of the content sentence "The earth moves." - N.B.: thus also expandable to Italian.
I 127
Paratactic Analysis/belief relation/SchifferVsDavidson: the paratactic analysis is not suitable for believing: it cannot be a relation to actual utterances - then there is also no proper two-digit relation. - Identical content/sameness/content/SchifferVsDavidson: he has no concept of identical content of utterances - this only circularly expressible within the paratactic analysis. - ((S) no problem for Davidson)
I 130
Paratactic Analysis/Davidson/Schiffer. For belief: incorrect solution: utterance type - Problem: you have to say of what sort the kind is. - Incorrect solution: "... of the same content" - that would be an artificial term - we do not know yet what concept of content is intended here. - DavidsonVs: we cannot trivialize the role of "content" here (for a belief theory).
I 133
Paratactic Analysis/Davidson/propositional attitude/Schiffer: Problem: a) Sam's propositional attitude that flounders snore (here one must know the content to determine the claim and the truth value - b) Sam's propositional attitude that flounders snore..: here one knows the expression, without needing to know the content of the propositional attitude. - E.g. Pierre: "La neige est blanche" Donald: Tarski said that - according to Davidson, you can know what Donald claimed without knowing the content of Pierres utterance. (Without knowing the content). - Solution: one knows that any utterance of Tarski has the same content as ... - only assertion is the fact that Sam said something. (Or has a propositional attitude). - SchifferVsDavidson: if his theory were correct, Sam would (ii) believe something that is true iff flounders snore . - Does not believe of (i) Sam that includes flounders snore - test solution: "utterance type, that has the same content like this" again says nothing about the content - incorrect solution: a feature F (content determining proposition for propositional attitude) this should be known by all people - (these are all objections VsExtensional theory).

Schi I
St. Schiffer
Remnants of Meaning Cambridge 1987

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