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Stalnaker, Robert
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Phenomena I 269
Def phenomenal information / terminology / Lewis / Stalnaker : beyond physical information - be there an irreducible other type of information . The two are independent. - Stalnaker : it is the kind of information that acquires Jackson s colors researcher Mary - it is compatible with the modest view. - Lewis: thesis ph.i. is not what Mary is missing.
I 271ff
 phenomenal information / self / subjectivity / Stalnaker : e.g. Mary knows in her room, that the treasure on a huge military cemetery in the 143 series in the southerly direction 57 in a westerly direction. - Problem: they still do not know that the treasure is "here". - Problem: even if she stands in front , then she may have miscounted - ((s) then she does not know what proposition the sentence expresses.) - In the room: she cannot be fooled - objective content: already in the room possible learn - subjective content: cannot be expressed as a timeless proposition with "here". - I 274 phenomenal indistinguishability, in relation to colors, but not in relation to possible worlds.
I 274
phenomenal information / self-identification / Stalnaker: e.g. person with memory loss: Rudolf Lingens does not know whether he is Lingens or Gustav Lauben - Error: to assume that there will be a possible world, would that just be like the actual world , except that the experiences of Lingens were reversed with those of Lauben - even if such interpersonal comparison between worlds would be understandable, which is not compatible with the fact that self - localization is an irreducible information.

Sta I
R. Stalnaker
Ways a World may be Oxford New York 2003

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