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Putnam, Hilary
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Positivism I 41
PutnamVsPopper/PutnamVsMach: VsPositivismus: is idealistic, does not correspond to reality.
I 44
PutnamVsPositivismus: according to him truth is not trans-theoretical - it is only a trans-theoretical concept, "leads to successful prediction" - Putnam: instead: Realism: must adhere to logic of truth transfers.
II 45
From the fact that two theories lead to successful predictions, it does not follow, that their conjunction leads to that - reason: the predicate, which plays the role of truth ("leads to prediction") does not have the characteristics of truth.
I 49
Meaning/theory/PutnamVsCarnap/VsPositivism: the theory does not determine the significance - otherwise the concept of gravity would change if a 10th Planet would be discovered - also the positivists demand that the theory is also dependent on all additional assumptions, otherwise the scheme of theory and prediction would collapse.
I 215
Truth/Positivism: which degree of confirmation one accepts, is ultimately conventional, a question of purpose - Putnam: that is relativism - it has no answer to the enemy that says, "in my system the P is not rational".

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