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Danto, Arthur C.
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Arthur Danto
Predicates I 110
Predicates "good", "yellow": simple, indefinable (> axioms) - Horse: composed, therefore definable.
Strawson: image of a world with two main components: people and things. The corresponding M-predicates and P-predicates. I 260
  M-predicates: e.g. "weighs 150 pounds,"
  P-predicates: e.g. »dreams of glory."
Mere things are writable with M-predicates, however, is not alone describable with P-predicates, though, if there were really disembodied spirits, they could also be described quite well by this. A person, however, is described by both, by M-​​and P-predicates!

A. C. Danto
The Philosophical Disenfranchisement of Art (Columbia Classics in Philosophy) New York 2005

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