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Dummett, Michael
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Predicates I 77
Frege/Dummett: the predicates as well as their reference objects themselves are unsaturated, i.e. they cannot occur independently. Dummett: is this reasoning correct, then grasping the meaning of a concept-word can not be an element of perception, except as an inseparable part of grasping a complete thought.
III 139ff
Names/Meaning /Logical Constants/Dummett: if every single attribute can be omitted without the name of the bearer being deprived, that does not mean that the meaning remains the same - one can generalize this for all words except the logical constants and prepositions.

Du I
M. Dummett
Urspr√ľnge der analytischen Philosophie Frankfurt 1992

M. Dummett
Wahrheit Stuttgart 1982

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