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Frege, Gottlob
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Predicates II 47
Frege: E.g. A sentence that speaks of a unicorn is a sentence without truth value; predicates cannot be assigned or denied. (>Nonexistence - thought: is the same whether the expression has a reference ("meaning") or not.
Berka I 87
Predicate/Frege: you could make do with a single one, "is a fact" - then there is no question of subject/Predicate.
Brandom I 943
Frege: (great discovery): There must be complex predicates in this sense: so that the inferential role of sentences E.g. "Anyone who admires someone who admires themselves" can be recognized. (x)(y)[Rxy > Rxx]. (Can also occur in a language without quantification) - Strawson: this is the second distinguishing feature of singular terms and predicates: terms can be quantified.
EMD II 226ff
Predicate/Frege: Function: takes objects as arguments and provides truth values as a value.
Frege II 71
Predicate/Frege: E.g. "falling under the concept of human" - which means the same as "a human" - ((s) later authors: "is a human being" - "is" belongs to the predicate.
Tugendhat I 192
Predicate/Frege/Tugendhat: also in Frege the predicate stands for something, but something non-objective: the concept. - (VsObject Theory) - ("stand for").
Tugendhat I 193
Predicate/Frege: has no reference - not because it were contradictory, but because of indeterminacy.

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